Serapong Course Layout

The Serapong Course

The Serapong Course at Sentosa Golf Club is widely revered as one of the most finely laid out courses in Singapore-and for good reason. With spectacular views of Sentosa, the surrounding South China Sea, the iconic Singapore harbour and the Lion City skyline, this beautiful golf course merges nature, scenery and rolling greens into a truly unique golfing experience.

Hole 1


This challenging hole starts play on The Serapong Course. Players must shoot far enough left off the tee to open up the green, but be careful to avoid the steep slope that falls dramatically away just a few feet from the fairway. Golfers then shoot uphill onto a green that overlooks a cascading waterfall.

Hole 2

Serapong Course Hole 2

With the Singapore skyline as your backdrop, careful club selection is imperative at this short par-three. Six green-side traps and a three-tiered green mean finding the right part of the putting surface is a must if you hope to escape with your par, let alone a birdie two.

Hole 3

Serapong Course Hole 3

From a tee set high amidst the tropical rainforest floor with dynamic vistas of the harbor and the CBD of Singapore, this hole plays as a strong dog-leg left and is obvious from the outset placing your ball in the elevated landing area will gain you a chance to hit the green in two. The line to the landing area is just inside the big tree in the center of the fairway. The shoot to the green is a long mid-iron into the large green guarded by a big dominating bunker on the right and small pot bunker in the front. A par a hard-earned reward for your efforts as this is the number one handicap hole on the course.

Hole 4

Serapong Course Hole 4

A mighty blow to the left of the grove of palm trees in the middle of the fairway, flirting with the water, will set up the adventurous for a crack at the green in two. For mere mortals, a tee shot safely to the right will necessitate a further two solid shots to get home-including a tricky third over the corner of the water hazard.

Hole 5

Serapong Course Hole 5

The second of a four-hole stretch creating the body of the “Dragons Tail” this ring the hole borders the South China Sea, this is one of the Signature holes of The Serapong Course. Built from reclaimed land, the fifth requires a strong drive directly at Singapore’s skyline the hole from the back of the championship tee measures 499 yards par 4. Another well-hit blow will be needed to reach the green, with direction control crucial to avoid the 130-metre waste bunker lining the right of the fairway.

Serapong Course Hole 6Hole 6

Turning back into the island of Sentosa, this hole requires an accurate drive into a well bunkered fairway. The landing area is nestled next the water (South China Sea) which runs parallel to the entire right side of the hole. If you manage to find the short grass, a strong mid-iron is needed to carry sand and rock formation known as the “Dragons Tooth” that jet out to partially obscure the green. This is yet another hole where escaping with par is a feat.

Hole 7

Serapong Course Hole 7

With a long, thin fairway that seems to barely hang onto the edge of land abutting the waters of the Singapore harbour, distance and accuracy must combine to negotiate this par-five successfully. This challenge is exacerbated by the similarly narrow green, although the receptiveness of the fast putting surface that falls away from the back of the green, control your approach and don’t over shoot to avoid the harbor.

Hole 8

Serapong Course Hole 8

From an elevated tee, the fun being had by the patrons of the Sentosa cable car in the distance will be scant reassurance for those tackling this par-three. Featuring a massive two-tiered green, a large tree makes a back-left hole location particularly demanding to reach. For all other pin positions on the back tier, there is one simple rule…don’t be short.

Hole 9

Serapong Course Hole 9

Almost a mirror-image of the eighteenth hole, out-of-bounds left and water right conspire to make the final drive a nerve-racking one, especially with the fairway angling towards the lake.

Hole 10

Serapong Course Hole 10

A generous short par-four to start the back nine, this hole demands an accurate tee shot to a narrow fairway. After navigating your way between two daunting fairway traps, a short iron will be required. However, be sure to choose your weapon wisely, as the large green provides a formidable test of your putting stroke.

Hole 11

Serapong Course Hole 11

Thanks to a fairway sloping dramatically in the direction of this dog-leg right, the line for your tee shot is at the edge of the fairway trap tucked on the left-hand side. As with the first hole, this should leave just a short iron to another large green protected by two deep traps in the front right.

Hole 12

Serapong Course Hole 12

Although the shortest of The Serapong Course’s par-fives, the third par-five will still require three solid blows to reach the putting surface. Combine a strong drive down the hill and an effective second and you will be left with a short pitch to an inviting green-hopefully taking the pair of greenside bunkers out of play.

Hole 13

Serapong Course Hole 13

The thirteenth hole is a monster. With water running down the right side, the decision between hitting a driver or a shorter club from the tee is crucial. Narrowing to as little as 12 metres wide between water and sand at the drive length, laying up will leave a long and difficult shot to a sloping green guarded by a deep bunker in the front right.

Hole 14

Serapong Course Hole 14

Flanked by the waters of the Singapore port on the left and a large lake to the right, this par-three plays long and into a green that slopes severely away from the harbour. Beware a back left hole location as the water cuts in much closer to the green than it may first appear.

Hole 15

Serapong Course Hole 15

Following the line of the previous hole, the peril of water on the left-hand side is repeated. However, a narrow landing area from the tee and a relatively long second into an elevated green compound this challenge. After reaching the putting surface, a look back down the fairway brings the imposing sight of Singapore’s famous Merlion into view.

Hole 16

Serapong Course Hole 16

A newly elevated tee here opens up a view of what is in store for you at the sixteenth-including twin fairway bunkers threatening to steal your ball. Your mid-iron second needs to carry a spectacular creek that slices through the fairway on a 45-degree angle, although the massive rectangular-and two-tiered-green should be more of a focus in your thinking.

Hole 17

Serapong Course Hole 17

Although the shorter of the two par-threes on the back nine, the small green on the seventeenth demands accuracy. A slew of bunkers ring the putting surface, ensuring anything missing the green will require a delicate shot to provide a chance of saving par.

Hole 18

Serapong Course Hole 18

This long par-five provides a tough test to close the back nine. With water guarding the left, cut off as much of the carry on the slight dog-leg as you dare. From there, the second shot is the key. The shorter the distance you can leave yourself for the uphill approach to the green, the more chance you will have of avoiding the treacherous criss-cross traps lurking on the left.

The Serapong Course at Sentosa Golf Club is widely revered as one of the most finely laid out courses in Singapore-and for good reason. With spectacular views of Sentosa, the surrounding South China Sea, the iconic Singapore harbour and the Lion City skyline, this beautiful golf course merges nature, scenery and rolling greens into a truly unique golfing experience.